Oral Health Promotions: Dental Bridges

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Are you missing any teeth that need to be replaced with a highly reliable tooth prosthetic? Through the use of a dental bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture, a prosthetic device can be placed in areas where voids are left behind from a tooth that has either been extracted or knocked out. It is important to always make sure that you replace any missing teeth, as a failure to do so can lower your oral hygiene levels and lead to gum destabilization and tooth slippage. Other benefits of dental bridges are as follows:

– Dental bridges can help restore bite stability by focusing the bite force distribution evenly across your entire dental profile.
– Dental bridges have been proven effective in situations when individuals have had their speech or eating patterns hindered due to the loss of a tooth.
– Dental bridges are highly reliable and can allow you to enjoy all the meals that you once loved, as they come with zero food restrictions.
– A dental bridge is durable and will often hold in place for several decades before a repair or replacement may be required. In some cases, a dental bridge can last a lifetime of heavy use.
– Dental bridges not only provide your smile with additional functionality and a complete smile once again, but they can also help reverse a sunken-in jaw aesthetic and improve the appearance of your smile.

Is it time to improve your smile through the use of a reliable treatment such as a dental bridge? If you are ready for dental bridges from Steven P. Walker, DDS in Chesterton, Indiana, then you are welcome to call us at 219-926-4321. Dr. Steven Walker and our entire team want to help you find your healthy smile!