Your Options for Athletic Mouth Guards

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We encourage our patients who are athletes and enjoy contact sports to receive and wear custom athletic mouth guards. Essentially, you have three different options for mouth guards, making it easier to find the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

Stock mouth guards are simple and perhaps the most inexpensive option, and can be found at most stores that carry sporting goods. Simply insert the guard into your mouth and you are ready to go. However, some patients complain that these mouth guards don’t fit as well and even make it harder to breathe.

Another option sporting goods stores carry is boil and bite mouth guards, which tend to cost more than stock mouth guards, but offer a more custom fit. After placing the piece in boiling water until the material softens, you bite down on the appliance so that it molds to the shape of your smile. Once the material is firm again, you are ready, though you may find that the mouth guard feels bulky in your mouth.

For the ideal protection and fit, we encourage you to seek a custom-fitted mouthguard. We are pleased to offer two styles of custom mouth guards:

– Vacuum-fitted mouth guards are comprised of a moldable thermoplastic material that conforms to your smile and can last about a year.

– Pressure-laminated mouthguards are newer to the scene, have a lifespan of about two years, and are preferred by many for their excellent fit and comfort.

Dr. Steven Walker will gladly help you choose a type of sports mouthguard in Chesterton, Indiana. We invite you to call Steven P. Walker, DDS at 219-926-4321 today if you have any questions about sports mouthguards or would like to schedule an appointment with our dentist.