The American Dental Association 101

Do you know of the American Dental Association? If not, that’s quite alright! Our professional dental team here at Steven P. Walker, DDS in Chesterton, Indiana, is happy to tell you about the American Dental Association, and why we are proud to be part of their organization. The American Dental Association, which is also known as the ADA, is an... read more »

Flossing: The Facts

Are you ever concerned about your oral health? Do you ever think about how you could keep your teeth healthy and strong? If so, you may know that flossing and brushing are crucial components of protecting your oral health. Still, would you be interested in learning that many Americans could actually improve their flossing technique? If you want to get... read more »

Sports Mouth Guard Protection for Your Smile

If you engage in contact sports or other athletic activities, you might consider wearing a sports mouth guard to protect your pearly whites. This simple appliance shields your smile from injury by covering and cushioning the upper teeth and gums, and by preventing accidental harm to your jaws and lips as well. Which sports can a sports mouth guard help? The... read more »

5 Tips for Pristine Oral Health This Thanksgiving

Did you know, during the holidays, more people are prone to cavities and gum disease? That is because, with so many sugary treats and fantastic feasts at our disposal, people often forget to keep their teeth in great shape. That is why, here at Steven P. Walker, DDS in Chesterton, Indiana, we want to provide you with a few tips... read more »

Enlist These Tips in Your Daily 4 and Have a Frightfully Healthy Halloween

Welcome to the dental practice of Steven P. Walker, DDS, online! With October finally here we are celebrating Halloween as well as National Dental Hygiene month. At our dental practice in Chesterton, Indiana, Dr. Steven Walker and our dedicated team want to wish our patients a happy fall season while taking care of their healthy smiles. National Dental Hygiene Month... read more »